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Dental Connections, Inc.

Creating a Community of Smiles

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Our clinic is a non-profit Dental Clinic established in 1919. Our mission is to provide equal access to quality dental care and education through meaningful patient connections.

We provide care to anyone and everyone, but our main focus is on patients who struggle to access dental care. Who struggles to access dental care, you ask?

  • A small business owner who doesn't have dental insurance and can't afford treatment on his own.
  • A single mom with two kids who cannot find a private dentist that accepts her children's Medicaid insurance.
  • A Syrian refugee who is still learning English and unable to schedule an appointment over the phone. 

These and 17,000 other people in our community are our patients. We knock down barriers to accessing dental care in the following ways:

  • Provide interpretation
  • Provide transportation to students
  • Provide dental care at metro schools and child care centers
  • Offer discounts to patients without insurance
  • Offer payment plans to help patients afford their treatment

Our dental clinic also operates community-based oral health programs including:

  • A fluoride varnish program in area Headstarts and pre-schools
  • A dental sealant program in area schools
  • Smile Squad Mobile Dental Clinic (two-chair custom-built RV’s providing dental treatment services in area schools)
  • Nolden Gentry Dental Clinic (located within an alternative high school in Des Moines and serving all Des Moines Public School students)

You don't have to love dentistry to love what we do. You just have to love people. Because that's why we do this--to take care of our community and give them the joy, freedom, and peace of mind that comes from being healthy!