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Denniston House Foundation Incorporated

"So much of our future lies in preserving the past..."

dennistonhouse.com Tax ID 82-2406468


1. To solicit grants and other funding to permit the restoration and development of the historic properties, such as the Denniston House and through that preservation serve as a means to connect the community members of the Village of Cassville, Grant Country and Southwest Wisconsin with their past by placing local and regional history within the broader context of American history.

2. To promote collaboration, sharing of good practices, and dissemination of results of innovative approaches to restoring other historic properties in the SW Wisconsin region. 

3. To assist the Cassville, Grant County and the greater SW Wisconsin community in the development of programs to create new jobs, stimulate private and public investment and venture capital, enhance tax revenue, and serve as a tool for economic development, tourism, education, and community vitality and rebirth.