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Delta Environmental

Delta Environmental: Supporting clean water and environmental stewardship since 1971. Working with schools in the Greater Rochester area, we have brought hands-on environmental education and outreach to our community.

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<p><strong>Delta Environmental</strong>, formerly Delta Laboratories, has a rich history of environmental advocacy and education with hands-on programs for K-12 students on water resources and quality.</p> <p>Our <strong>Adopt-A-Stream</strong> curriculum creates grassroots efforts to test, advocate and protect water resources. Our program has taught hundreds of K-12 students the values and strategies to protect our waterways.  Through this program, we have educated the community on the importance of water quality and the integrity our watersheds. </p> <p>Too many people, in both the city and the suburbs, do not see the connection between themselves and their environments. But their environments are all around them, where they live, go to school, and play. This idea engages students by making science relevant to their lives. Our outdoor field trips and in-school activities allow students opportunities for making the connection with their surrounds, science, and themselves.</p> <p>We invite concerned people like you to take an active role in assuring the well-being of your communities&#39; water resources.</p>