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Noa & Hary Bentov's Fundraiser:


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BENEFITING: International Rescue Committee

EVENT: Celebrate with IRC

EVENT DATE: May 01, 2017

Noa & Hary Bentov


Elad Gilo wrote -

Davidi Gilo has done a million things in his life. Most of us know him as the person who is running a mile a minute with a seemingly unmatchable ability to juggle numerous obligations at once. Despite his plethora of responsibilities and objectives, Davidi was always, in one form or another, giving back. Since his teen years he has been engaged in political activism and fighting for the underdogs. From political demonstrations, philanthropy or founding a political PAC, Davidi has devoted his life to creating a better world and everything else has always been a means to that end. The refugee crisis plaguing the Middle East and Africa is the worst the world has seen since WWII. Millions of people are fleeing for their lives due to war and environmental causes. It's a geopolitical issue that affects Davidi greatly on a personal level, as I am sure it does all of us. We hope that you will help celebrate Davidi's past 60 years and all of the work he has done by helping us contribute, however small, to alleviating the suffering of those most vulnerable.


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