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Deep Within Rehab Center Inc


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The mission of Deep Within Rehab is to assist men transition from homelessness to productive lives in society and contributes to community building, based on the fact that any man that has the willingness and desire to obtain the necessary tools to remain abstinent from all mind altering substances is welcome to program at Deep Within Rehab.

Deep Within Rehab has successfully served the West Valley for the last (15) years. Residents participate in a recovery program designed to assist them in becoming re-established in their communities as self-supporting individuals living alcohol/drug free lives.

Many of these men have a history of being unable to expand initial recovery into long-term sobriety.  The majority of applicants are faced with a variety of personal and societal problems; resources are exhausted, history of relapse, lack of self-control, lack of self-esteem, etc.

Deep Within Rehab provides a safe and convenient location for local referring agencies such as; Community Bridges, Arizona Department of Corrections, Maricopa County Adult Probation Department, Peoria Police Department, Maricopa County Jail, Local hospitals, Local treatment facilities, Veterans Affairs, etc. 

Our project objective is to hire a Full-Time Substance Abuse Licensed Counselor to facilitate groups to our residents on-site. Implementing a Full-Time Substance Abuse Counselor would allow our men to experience a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program; emphasizing on physical, spiritual and emotional recovery, in addition to other programming currently offered at Deep Within Rehab.

Deep Within Rehab feels strongly that by offering substance abuse groups (12 step model) by a Licensed Counselor will promote and align with Deep Within Rehab’s mission: “Assisting men transition from homelessness to productive lives in society” as well as vision: “Extending A Helping Hand, Helping Rebuild The Lives of Men.