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Decay Devils Incorporated

Revitalization Starts With You!

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So, what is a "Decay Devil" you ask? Well, we'll tell you. Our name is a pun for the words "Decay" and "Dare Devils".  We started as a group of artists, writers, urban explorers, and photographers that saw the infinite beauty in the architecture of old, decaying structures, with a dare devilish hunger to explore them. Our passion for the love and upkeep of these structures became our mission when we became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2015.

Preserving history and its wonderful landmarks, are at the forefront of Decay Devils many adventures, community outreaches, and rehabilitation projects. Based out of Northwest Indiana, the Decay Devils have gone from playing inside, to actively restoring abandoned buildings. Through our travels, we have discovered, that some of Earth's greatest treasures are in danger of being reclaimed by nature and time. We aim to protect and restore these nostalgic and monumental treasures, with our landmark preservation efforts, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. We need YOU! Help us and become an honorary Decay Devil, in educating the world that "historical preservation matters" - through your generous contributrions, whether they be the ones that jingle or the ones that fold :)

The funds raised in USA Today Network's A Community Thrives Challenge will go towards Decay Devils, Incorporated educational programs as well as its restoration and preservation efforts, starting with our first project - Gary Union Station. 

Your support is crucial to us and we are grateful and thankful for the opportunity to increase your support through USA Today Network's A Community Thrives Challenge.

To learn more about Decay Devils, Incorporated and our many amazing programs and accomplishments, please visit us at www.decaydevils.org.