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If you would rather give money to worthy causes, please go to The Greater Good and find a cause that you believe in most. I look at that site every day and wish I could give to each of the causes. If you do donate to any of them, please tell me which one you believed in the most! I would love to hear some good news.

There is also Random Acts of Kindness, another great organization you could also donate to instead!

RandomActs was started by an actor who saw he could do good in the world with his fame. It's a non-profit organization that does everything from big projects to small things like reuniting a slave with her children.

But please, ready my story, and if you decide you would be willing to help me, that would be fantastic! And I will understand if you would rather give to a charity instead of just a person in debt.

I feel honestly stupid making a profile on here to make a campaign for a small fundraiser. I know millions of people are always in debt any given day. I know how they feel. It's painful asking anyone for money, especially family.
My debt is less hospital bills, and more debt thrown at me from a parent that passed away. You would think that parents live until their children are all grown up and married with their own kids. That's what I had hoped for, but it didn't happen. My dad passed away last January when I was 24 years old. I am now 26 and still struggling. I will probably struggle the rest of my life.

I know for a fact that my dad didn't want me to take on the burden of his debts when he died. He probably didn't think he was going to pass on so soon. He was a month away from his 70th birthday, he was happy for it because that would mean that he would live longer than his father and one of his brothers that died at 69. (Just thinking about that makes me sad)

Even though he lived a long life and did more things than a lot of people would ever do in their lives, I think he was ready to see his family again. He had 7 sisters and 2 brothers. Already, 5 sisters and both brothers had passed on before him. He had been the baby of the family and he was going on 70!

All through my life we stayed afloat. We were never homeless, and always had food on the table every night. I have no idea how he did it.

When 9th grade came around he told me that he was sending me to a Christian boarding school. I was not amused, I kicked and screamed and threw a huge fit. I especially cried when I got there and they made me work at the dairy farm. They had a work/study program there, and I was one of the lucky people to be sent to the farm. The dairy was the place people were sent to if their families didn't make much money and needed all the help they could get. All the students got small cuts of the paychecks they made while the rest was put towards paying their tuition.

Before going to PVA (Platte Valley Academy), my dad had taken me to church to meet the people there. I didn't realize a the time, but they were helping my dad pay for my 4 years at PVA. It took me almost a year to realize that the school tuition was $1,200 a school year. By the time 12th grade rolled around for me, the price of tuition had rose to $1,400 a school year.

In less than 7 years, my father had 3 open heart surgeries. I am thankful he had medicare otherwise I would have had to pay off his hospital bills too.

He had put our house up against a loan, and he also put my car against another loan. The house was $14,000 and the car was $4,000. I was able to pay off the car loan, but the house loan I was not.
I had decided to move away less than a year after he passed, living there was too costly. So I thought who could I trust more than a best friend to live there and pay the monthly amount.
I was so wrong. She ended up moving away after 4 months, and didn't even tell me. She just stopped sending me the money to send to the bank after 2 months. She also never had the electricity turned off, and she never told the town to turn off her water. So those bills kept getting sent to me.
I understand that it was my fault for relying on someone.

Someone in my old town then asked if they could buy the house, and the bank got it all settled. Sadly, they still want me to pay them $2,000 towards the rest of the house loan that wouldn't be paid off.

NEVER buy a vaccuum from people that go door to door. They give you a demonstration and you think it's the best vaccuum in the world. Well shoot it better be! It was $3,400! You think monthly payments of $99 is manageable. It is, until you have to move and then you have no money and you are out of a job for 4 months.

I finally got a job at the Dollar Store. It's minimum wage. Which in Iowa and Nebraska, that's $7.25 an hour. I live at the edge of Nebraska, next to Iowa and drive over the bridge to Iowa to get to work 7 miles away. I am so thankful that the toll booth was closed down in December or I wouldn't barely have had enough money to pay for the toll to get to work.

If you think I am pathetic for doing this, maybe I am, but I am saying I need help. I don't think I can handle this on my own. I am living with my sister and her husband, and they have been paying for the bills in the house we currently live in. But I know they want me to start helping, and I need to get all this other junk out of the way before I can start pulling my own weight.

$2,000 - House loan to pay off
$250 - Old house - water/garbage/house in town bill that friend left for me.
$700 - Electricity bill that friend left for me.
$2,500 - The vaccuum. Every time I look at it, I shake my head. I want to call the people and tell them just to take it back!

I understand if you aren't comfortable giving money to someone in debt. If you don't want to donate any money, then please PLEASE keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I could use all the help I could get. Sometimes prayers help.

Please have a good rest of the year. Bless you all.
Maybe someday when I am out of debt I can finally give to the causes that I want to.


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Alisha Cooley

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