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DCS provides a family centered, language-rich environment for a child to thrive and be successful in the community by access to early language exposure

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At Deaf Children’s Society, we believe Deaf and Hard of Hearing children have the innate ability to become fully participating, independent, successful members of society. To this end,

· We believe that a deaf child is a child first

· We believe any child will thrive given accessibility to a complete, rich and natural language early in life, and the provision of ASL and English through innovate learning processes are effective options for Deaf children in becoming life long learners.

· We believe in empowering families with knowledge and skills vital to encouraging the development of linguistic, cognitive and social skills of the Deaf child

· We believe in a family and child centered approach whereby the Deaf child is an active family member. By embracing ASL, English and a Deaf identity the child will develop healthy relationships with their family and the world around them

· We recognize the value of families and children from diverse backgrounds and cultures with unique needs, and the importance of building from families strengths to achieve optimal outcomes for the child and the family as a whole

· Given the social nature of learning, we believe that Deaf children will thrive in an environment with opportunities to interact with other Deaf peers