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DeafBlind Community Access Network of New Jersey, Inc.

For DeafBlind, By DeafBlind

https://www.dbcannj.org/ Tax ID 81-3352788


People who are deafblind have combined vision and hearing loss that causes severe isolation and leaves them unable to meet the most basic needs for human interaction, health care, and daily living. Contacts with people and the “outside world” are often severely limited, thereby leading to high risk factors for social isolation and the lack of a personal network.

Often, deafblind people, families, friends, and professionals don’t know where to turn for support, skills training, and an understanding, accepting community. DB CAN NJ trustees are either deafblind themselves, or have a sibling, child, or spouse who is deafblind. We have a unique, personal investment in the deafblind experience, as well as an understanding of the specialized needs of the community.

DB CAN NJ is a grassroots, volunteer organization with no paid employees. With majority board approval, consultants and professional service providers may be hired for programs or events, as required.