Day in the Life Series 001

Day in the Life Series 001 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 16, 2015

The Mission: Spend a day in the life of a typical US Infantryman on patrol. Get a look at what they do and raise money for a great cause at the same time. Load your backpack (ruck), lace up your boots and learn land navigation, field first aid, Ranger scroll (don’t worry - we’ll teach you), battle drills and more from experienced combat veterans.


The Purpose: Raise funds for Warrior 360, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting the needs and promoting the welfare of United States Military service-members, their families, and all others whose service to public safety generally place the welfare of others before their own.


The Logistics: May 16, 2015 from 1000 until we are done (no less than 8 hours), rain or shine (prepare to get wet anyway), bring your own food and water.


The Rules: Each participant must raise $50.00 for Warrior 360 (you can raise more, and if you do more goodness may follow). Your ruck must weigh at least 15 pounds for women or 25 for men, or more if you’ve done this stuff before (don’t sandbag this). The weight is a ‘dry weight’ and does not include food and/or water.