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Day-Spring Christian Church

Pointing Men to the Foot of the Cross


Day-Spring Christian Church is located in Beaumont, TX. While the ultimate goal of the ministry is to point men to the foot of the cross Dr. Carter (Pastor) realizes other needs cannot be ignored. Among those needs is the need to have a safe place for children while parts are working. This need is for children at large. Additionally, the need for excellence in academia is becoming more and more obvious and is at the heart of Dr. Carter. In order to meet these needs a lot of work has to be done. Among those things is renovating the current building that houses Day-Spring and/or possibly securing other properties. This will require dedicated staff as well. This means Day-Spring will be able to employ people while serving the community at large. While $500,000 is the initial goal there is much work to be done. One time donations are accepted as well as monthly donations. This is a great work and we call for the unity of the people in order to positively impact the community in which we sit. Thank you in advance for your support.