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David's Races for MVRP Photo
David's Races for MVRP Photo
David's Races for MVRP Photo
David's Races for MVRP Photo

The Story

Please donate or help me fundraise by creating a donation page for one of my races in memory of Michael Vincent Rosen-Pipitone, my stepson. Michael was a talented actor, writer, comedian and artist. He inspired others during his lifetime which was cut tragically short at 21 years old. That was in May, 2013. Michael died from Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome.

To help with our grief, Michael’s mother, Alison Rosen, and I formed the MVRP Foundation to provide scholarships for talented, enthusiastic, and creative young adult artists  in financial and/or emotional need, and to art organizations that Michael was associated with, and we support and advocate mental health groups including NAMI-NYC.

Since 2015 the MVRP foundation has donated to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), to students in BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) students at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, and we have provided scholarships to the PIT (the Peoples Improv Theater), Jazz Power Initiative, and others. 

I have been asked “Why do you run”? I have always been active and in 2011 at the age of 53 I joined a charity fundraiser to participate in my first olympic distance Triathlon. Prior to this I was a casual biker, not a very strong swimmer, and not a runner. With my training I proudly finished my triathlon. A short time after I did an obstacle race, which I enjoyed so I became an obstacle racer. I participated in different obstacle races from a 5K to 13 miles that included running, climbing/crawling over and under different obstacles and plunging into ice pools, running through fire, and crawling through mud.

Michael was amused that I do obstacle races. Now, he is my inspiration. When the race courses get tough and I am tired, I gain strength and persevere as I think about him. His spirit and smile will get me to the finish line. Michael always was striving to overcome the obstacles in his life. He did it with love and compassion and determination. I run to Keep Michael’s light bright. I run to the finish line to reach my personal goals. I run with determination to meet our goals in supporting NAMI and the programs they offer free to the community, and to continue to help young adult artists, in Michael’s memory.

To help raise money for our foundation, fueled by my grief and search for meaning after our tragedy, I thought that doing high profile events like Marathons would be helpful.  So now I have accomplished that by completing 5 marathons.

I invite you to make your miles count and join me in my ongoing events. Join my team, campaign, create your own team, share mine or simply make a donation here.

Thank you.

Michael was a beautiful human being with a deep feeling soul. He loved the arts, music, film and theater. He won awards for his script writing and theatrical performances.  He loved humor and was clever and witty. I do these events in dedication to Michael. I usually get sad at the beginning of the races when I see father and son teams, but I go on. 

Feel free to contact me about the charity, joining me in doing a race or need help regarding mental health information, davidnyhealth@gmail.com  MVRP Foundation Inc. is a 501(c) (3) charity.