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David's Races for MVRP Photo
David's Races for MVRP Photo
David's Races for MVRP Photo
David's Races for MVRP Photo

The Story

Please donate or help me fundraise by creating a donation page for one of my races in memory of Michael Vincent Rosen-Pipitone, my stepson. Michael was a talented actor, writer, comedian and artist. He inspired others during his lifetime which was cut tragically short at 21 years old. Michael died from Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, a side effect of medication while being treated for mental illness.  One in four people in the US suffer from mental illness. 


Our goal is to provide scholarships and fund mentor programs for other talented, enthusiastic, and creative minded young adults in financial need and or emotional support in the Arts, and for Arts Organizations that Michael was associated with and support mental health groups.


I am doing a series of endurance races to call attention to our cause.  So far this year I have completed the 4th race of my 10 remaining race commitment to the MVRP fundraising by finishing the NYC 1/2 Marathon, Spartan Beast Race, Spartan Sprint at Citifield Stadium and BattleFrog.


I had to defer my 2015 NYC Triathlon and GoRuck Light due to breaking 3 ribs in the BattleFrog race (don’t worry I finished the race).  I am healed and ready to continue my quest to raise money for this worthy cause.


I do these events in dedication to Michael. I usually get sad at the beginning of the races when I see father and son teams, but I go on.  When the races get tough and I am tired, wet and cold, I gain strength when I think how Michael was amused that I do these events and his spirit and smile gets me to the finish line.


The remaining events are the Spartan Super, 8+ miles, 20+ obstacles at Mountain Creek, NJ 9/12/15, Merrell Down & Dirty, 10k obstacle race, Bronx NY 10/4/15, BoneFrog a race by designed by US Navy Seals 9+ miles and 36+ obstacles at Englishtown Raceway, NJ 10/24/15, GoRuck Light in New York City 10/31/15 a 5 to 7 hour event run by Green Beret Special Forces, the Westchester Super Mini Triathlon (very short distances – a great race for beginner triathletes) in Rye NY on  9/26/15, and finishing the season with the Tri-State Tough Mudder a 12+ miles and 20+ obstacles in Jersey City 11/7/15. 


Feel free to contact me about the charity, joining me in doing a race or need help regarding mental health information, david@mvrp.info.  MVRP Foundation Inc. is a 501(c) (3) charity.


We are supporting the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) by helping to fund their film and theater department and Clubs, and provide scholarships to the People’s Improvisation Theater (The PIT) as well as to NAMI, National Alliance for Mental Illness, local Metro NYC chapter.


Your generous donation can help us accomplish this. Every dollar you donate will help our mission. Michael wanted to make the world a more thoughtful kinder place, a place where artistic ideas stimulate and ignite. He was striving to make a difference. Now, your donation can help us to make that difference.