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Davids Angels

Blessing the homeless with warmth

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After my son, David Piersol) died of cancer, I learned he had helped the needy.  Thus, the birth of David's Angels.  We try to provide warm items in winter; coats, hats, back packs, boots, warm socks, long johns, blankets,  hoodies and hygiene bags.  We receive about 1/2 of our funding from our church, and the balance are donations from ordinary folks.  We coordinate and cooperate with many other agencies and have grown and grown to serve more and more of our friends each year.  We especially need funds right now, going into winter, to purchase tents and sleeping bags.  The more we buy, the better the price.  We would hope to buy 40 sleeping bags ($35-$40 ea.) , and 50 tents ($21 ea.).  ALL donations are tax deductible and will only be used to help those less fortunate.  It gets cold in Montana, and we try to provide some barriers to the cold for a few of those in need.  We are in our 8th year of service.