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Darien Youth Club

100% volunteer run organization providing sports programs to kids of our community.

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The Darien Youth Club (DYC) is a volunteer-run, 501-C3, non-for-profit Club that was formed in 1960 by parents to serve the children of Darien, Illinois and its surrounding area. 

DYC’s provides its members:

·  An environment where all kids play. 

·  At the same time, we maintain the spirit of competition with a focus on sportsmanship and teamwork.  

·  A low cost youth sports alternative available to all local families. 

· The opportunity to play in house teams, as well as, travel (on the weekends) and play other local communities to enhance exposure and their child's experience. 

· A unique opportunity that is open to residents of ANY community 

·  A focus on teaching and growing in sports through play and  clinics.

DYC is a club for every child and it will remain that way as long as it is in existence. DYC parent-coaches strive to teach our children the skills and rules of every sport we offer while making sure they provide a positive playing experience for every player on the court or field. Thank you for your membership, interest and support of the DYC and its greatest assets–our kids!