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Dares for Dollars, She's the First Highland Park High School

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Angela Wu wrote -

I, Angela Wu, am fundraising on behalf of Highland Park High School's chapter of She's the First. We sponsor the education of girls who are the first in their families to graduate high school!

This year our chapter is doing our first #daresfordollars fundraiser. I've pledged to do fun and bold dares, from dyeing my hair to taking a pie to the face if you help me reach my fundraising goal of $500.

If I hit each of the milestones in my ultimate goal of $500:

- $75, dye my hair a bright color for a day and upload a picture

- $150, jump into a pool with my clothes on and upload a video

- $300, take a pie to the face and upload a video

- $500, create a fire rap about why I love girls education and upload a video!

The money you donate directly sponsors a girl's schooling, and every $400 sponsors one girl. In the past we’ve been able to sponsor the education of five scholars. We want to support even more strong, visionary girls! 

You can also click below to see my team members and the dares each of us is planning to do.

Let the dares begin!

**Additionally, if you are a current Highland Park High School student, for every $25 you donate you earn one service hours. You can donate up to $50 for two service hours.


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Angela Wu

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Pranjal Rai

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Rachel Malouf

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