Dare Me...To Make a Difference!

Dare Me...To Make a Difference! Photo

The Story

Dare Me to make a difference for River Valley Ranch! RVR is in the midst of campaign to help secure our future (www.rivervalleyranch.com/campaign). Would you either:

  1. CREATE A DARE: Create your own dare and fundraising goal. Once you complete your fundraising goal you will have to perform your dare. Click "See More" below for instructions on how to Create a Dare.
  2. SUPPORT SOMEONE'S DARE: Look through all the Dare's below and support the one you'd like to see done the most. We double dog DARE YOU to get involved to make a real difference for RVR!



Step #1 - Create Your Dare: Come up with a creative and fun dare (must be safe and approved by parents, if under 18, or we will remove it). Think Overcoming Fears (ie heights, spiders, blind dates, etc), Endurance (ie walk 20 miles in a day, rock in chair all night, vow of silence for one day, give up sweets for 3 months, run a winter 5k in t-shirt & shorts, sit on your toilet seat for 12 hours for the RVR septic, etc), Embarassing (ie sing the RVR song in public for 30 minutes straight, wear a onesie all day, shave head/beard, dye hair blue, wear a cowboy outfit to work/school), or Service (ie cook dinner for a week straight for someone, clean all the toilets at RVR, be someone's servant for a day, etc). It's even better if you add a twist (walk 20 miles wearing a cow costume, etc). BOTTOM LINE: Think "What would my family/friends really want to see me do?" Get creative people!

Step #2 - Put Your Dare on Crowdrise: Click the grey "Set Up Your Fundraiser" button above right and create an account. Edit the Story section of your account to include A) YOUR NAME and B) YOUR DARE in your text (ie. "MY DARE: If I reach my goal of $x for RVR's 2.0 Campaign, I will do x.") Set your goal. Make it a little bit of a stretch! Be sure to add a fun photo and even a video about your Dare.

Step #3 - Get the Word Out!: Use the social media sharing tools on your page to let your family and friends know or just email the direct link to your page.

Step #4 - Record Your Dare: Once you complete your fundraising goal, record a video of you doing your goal and send us the link (dareme@rivervalleyranch.com). We'll be posting video on our website and Facebook. You can also upload your completed video to your Crowdrise page for your supporters to see.

Step #5 - Collect Your Prize: If helping ensure the future of RVR was not enough, we have some PRIZES! Here's what you can win:

  • Raise at least $100 - get a free RVR T-shirt!
  • Raise at least $500 - get a free RVR performance jacket!
  • Raise at least $1000 - get a free week of camp at RVR!
  • TOP FUNDRAISER - a brand new iPad Air! (Must raise a minimum of $2000)

‚ÄčQuestions? Email us at dareme@rivervalleyranch.com


1. What if I don't raise enough money to meet my goal?  Will RVR return the money to my donors?  No. While we'd love for you to reach your goal, all money received will go towards the RVR 2.0 campaign, regardless of whether or not you reach your personal goal.

2. How Long Do I Have to Reach My Goal?  You have until midnight on April 30, 2014.