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Dan Turns 30/$3,000 For Peace in Congo

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November 29, 2010

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BENEFITING: Falling Whistles

EVENT DATE: Dec 10, 2010

Dan Johnson


hey kids!

remember last year for my 29th birthday when i attempted to raise $2900 toward building a well for clean water? ($2395 raised in 3 weeks! http://mycharitywater.org/p/campaign?campaign_id=2134 ) I didn't quite make my goal but a lot of people were really inspired by the campaign and wanted to be a part regardless and i am doing something similar this year…

so Friday, December 10 is my 30th birthday! It also happens to be Human Rights Day and i want to raise $3,000 for an organization called Falling Whistles to help rehabilitate children in DR Congo

the Democratic Republic of Congo is home to our world's deadliest war- since 1996 over 6 million have died, nearly 1500 continue to die daily, sexual violence is rampant, and thousands of children are forced to fight. one of the major factors fueling this conflict are illicit trade minerals that end up in our laptops and cellphones. instead of benefiting from these mineral riches the Congolese people, and especially children, suffer the consequences of a conflict that profits rebel groups and surrounding nations at their expense

Falling Whistles is working to end this by rehabilitating children and creating a coalition of people around the world who want to see peace. many of you know that i went with FW as their photographer to Congo a year and a half ago and currently i'm on tour with them along the east coast of the US volunteering my time to document their awareness campaign here in the States.

soooo December 10th I'm turning 30 and i want to help rehabilitate some kids affected by war. i want you to help in one (or all) of three ways

1. DONATE...
I set up a fundraising page at the link below. You can donate (100% tax deductible) to my campaign for Falling Whistles here *

for yourself, for a christmas present for your mom, whatever. then send me an email saying you got a whistle and i'll add that amount to the tally on my fundraising page so i can reach my goal

the situation is lot more complicated that the quick description i gave above but i hope you guys can take some time to research more of the information below

i love you all, thanks so much for being a part!



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