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Danielle Rose Ministries Inc

Offering the gift of music as a means of alleviating spiritual poverty

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Danielle Rose Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization  whose mission is to alleviate spiritual and material poverty by providing faith-based, educational outreach through sponsorship of concerts, missions, distribution of Christian music, creating artistic tools of evangelization, hosting retreats & catechetical events, serving families to be good stewards of creation within the local community, and offering a physical & emotional refuge of hospitality to persons seeking support, in order to help build an authentic culture of life. 

We gratefully welcome the gift of your support to carry out the efforts of Danielle Rose Ministries, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

At the age of 17, Danielle Rose traveled to Delhi, India to volunteer with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. This experience inspired her with the desire to serve the poorest of the poor by offering her gift of music as a means of alleviating spiritual poverty.

 After completing studies in music & theology from Notre Dame in 2002, Danielle Rose began traveling the globe as a music missionary in order to spread the Gospel through a joyful witness of story and song.In 2004, Danielle received the personal blessing of Saint John Paul II when she presented him with her second album, Mysteries, a collection of meditations upon the twenty mysteries of the rosary. She promised the Holy Father, “I am your messenger to the young people to take up the rosary once again.”

Seeking to know God’s will for her vocation, Danielle spent two years of discernment and formation in a contemplative convent (2007-2009). This journey of surrender ultimately prepared Danielle to discover the gift of her vocation to marriage. 

From 2010-2013, Danielle offered all her concerts to raise spiritual and material support for China Little Flower orphanage. During this chapter of missionary efforts, Danielle was blessed to meet her husband Mitchell at a bible study in Los Angeles. Mitchell accompanied Danielle as she led a mission trip of young adults to China.  Four months later, they were engaged on the Feast of St Therese, and  then united in the Sacrament of Marriage on April 6, 2013.

By embracing her vocation as wife and mother, Danielle is continually discovering God’s invitation to love & serve others from within the “Mamastery.”  Although she seldom chooses to depart from her “cloister” of caring for children to perform formal concerts, Danielle believes that Jesus has granted her an unparalleled opportunity to enflesh the messages of her music in the hiddenness of her home. Each day of family life contains  a missionary journey to preach the Gospel to these little ones entrusted to her care.

 Mitchell & Danielle are truly grateful  for the privilege of laying down their lives in loving service to God, each other, and their children: Agnes Rosemary (2014), Genevieve Marie (2016), Josef Lyle-Marie (2018) and their unborn child (due mid-Advent 2020).  They delight in the providence of their mutual Minnesota upbringing, with extended families in the Twin Cities & Duluth, MN.  Their family currently resides in Birmingham AL.