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Dance Prism

Dance Prism is a non-profit performance organization only.

www.danceprism.com Tax ID 22-2481528


Dance Prism, a non-profit professional ballet company, is facing an existential crisis in this year

of shared difficulty. Unable to perform, we are without income, yet the expenses necessary for

our existence continue unabated.

What we offer the communities we serve:
For nearly 40 years the company has presented affordable, family accessible classical and
contemporary ballet to the secondary communities of eastern New England, often to
populations for whom access to larger metropolitan area cultural events are not feasible.
Additionally, it has consistently offered touring performance opportunities, providing the
to aspiring dancers and enthusiastic ballet students the experience of working with the artists of a
professional company. Nearly four hundred young people per year enjoy this program
completely free of charge. No young dancer has ever paid a fee to the company.

The company’s been successfully self supporting since 1982:

Throughout its existence Dance Prism has supported itself entirely by revenue from

performances and small individual donations. But since since Covid 19 forced us to cancel our

entire spring and summer seasons and makes near future ones doubtful, we will have had no

earned income for seven months, possibly for the entire year. Nonetheless our rent and related

costs of maintaining the studio essential to our existence continue.

Dance Prism is unique:

Dance Prism is more than a ballet company. It is a project of generosity and love, for the art,

within the community of dancers and staff who comprise it, and for the thousands of audience

members for whom we have peen privileged to perform.

Without help toward the preservation of our studio, this remarkable entity is unlikely to survive

the current year. We deeply appreciate any assistance you can offer.