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EVENT DATE: Mar 25, 2017

The Dallas Vert Mile is an awesome stair climb race and fun walk at Reunion Tower March 25, 2017.


There are three vertical - or vert - distances available. All participants may do the Vert Sprint Race, which climbs 50 floors and nearly 500 feet. In addition, those in great shape may opt for a 3-lap option called the Vert 1/4 Mile or the 12-lap Vert Mile Challenge. The challenge is to finish all 12 laps before the two hour time limit.


The event will benefit participants who will get stronger, fitter, and happier along with a number of non-profit organizations.


We do this to... awesome people raise money for non-profit organizations they care about...

...encourage people stay fit, healthy, and motivated through the winter, a time when many people let their health and fitness slide, and...

...introduce more people to stairclimbing so they can enjoy the health and happiness benefits this amazing sport provides!

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