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Daleth Aroma Therapy & Meditation Sanctuary

Building A Sanctuary For Peace

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On August 18th 2016 the founder suffered a fatal heart attack from the result of a pulmonary embolism and on that day he passed away. His family had been notified of his passing and rushed to his bed side to say their goodbyes and unfortunately his daughter had to make the difficult decision to remove him from the ventilator. As she refused to do so she instructed the doctors to wait a little longer even though he was already gone. As memorial plans and arrangements were being made after nearly 24 hours of being without a heart beat the family received an unexpected phone call explaining that they had found a pulse. The family and staff were astonished by the miracle that had just taken place and raced back to the hospital to be by his side. During his road to recovery almost a week and a half later he suffered multiple strokes and also to their amazement he pulled through yet again. When asked by the doctors how can his organs and body appear to recover so quickly, his fiancee responded " He meditates and has a healthy diet".

 After regaining consciousness Mr. Martin saw life through a new lense. Not only did he realize that no one truly dies he also realized that because of meditation the peace that he experienced both afterwards and on the other side was made familiar to him because of this practice. With that realization he decided that he wanted to help others also experience that peace. He wanted to create a place where others can both meditate and  learn to meditate while stimulating the senses with AromaTherapy scents reinvigorating the mind, body and soul. A place reminiscent of paradise. Tropical plants, trees, waterfalls and life everywhere you turn but he can't do it alone. That's why we are asking for your help to make this vision a reality for countless of lives. We are asking for your donations to help pay for construction, labor, equipment, landscaping and the design process. Daleth Aroma Therapy & Meditation Sanctuary will not just be for the benefit of Central Ohio but for every soul who knows of it's existence and seeks peace and tranquility in their lives. Help us build this sanctuary so that we can help deliver a peace of mind to our families and yours.