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Daft Youth Services Inc

One kid at a time is all we need to spark change!

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D.A.F.T was created because our team understood that there was a better way to address and manage students’ behavior while maximizing their chances for success. Our organization was created as an outlet for students to receive social-emotional learning and support, a method that uses a non-punitive, strength-based approach. D.A.F.T has always believed that schools should necessitate a more social-emotional based curriculum, educating students on relationship skills, social awareness, communication, and, ultimately, responsible decision making.

Our Mission–D.A.F.T Youth Services Inc. aims to eradicate the school to prison pipeline by improving social and educational outcomes for New York students of a marginalized community through preventative measures that address disruptive behaviors, while creating positive school environments, increasing equity, and eliminating racial disparities.

Our Vision–That students from marginalized, and low socioeconomic status will begin to see themselves as valuable individuals with a purpose to pursue in life despite the challenges they may face.

Many of you may be asking, why should you donate to our organization? What makes us different? There are millions of non-profit organizations serving poor and underserved communities. The difference is that we are a non-profit organization that believes in the importance of social-emotional learning and the growth it provides to young adults. Furthermore, we recognize that although schools can be fantastic outlets for students, they are not always fully equipped to provide a full range of services that students need. D.A.F.T is that beam of light for the student who has had enough.

We are that mechanism for schools that have exhausted all resources and are seeking a new way to support their students. We are the liaison between prison and unwarranted systemic approaches, such as zero-tolerance policies and in-school arrests. Through our unique services, we view our students from a holistic perspective. We want to prove that social-emotional growth and support are a “thing.” Fostering social-emotional growth and support is crucial to our society and determines the trajectory of one’s life.

One kid at a time is all we need to spark change. Your donation will go towards funding in several areas. We are currently offering remote tutoring, counseling, and social emotional support to those traumatized by the effects of COVID -19. Living through this pandemic has demonstrated an increased need for our services. We must prepare to provide care to students suffering from trauma and need support reacclimating to school culture and the academic environment post COVID-19.

Whether you donate one dollar or one hundred dollars, please know that your contribution will help us work with so many more kids and provide them with the tools they need to persevere and live their best lives.