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Dad and Kids for a Better Tomorrow

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70x7 Life Recovery has a program for at risk kids and their dads who have been previously incarcerated. Through our Dads and Kids for a Better Tomorrow we work with dad and kids in rebuilding healthy relationships. Our goal is to end the cycle of generational incarceration by equipping dads with the tools and skills to father the next generation to a better tomorrow through a brighter today. The money raised will fund the programming for the following events:
Family Meal Time: Together Dads and Kids will learn how to prepare a meal, set a table, have a dinner table discussion and enjoy a meal together.
Attend Sporting Events: Transporting 70 people to a professional sports event and cheering on their favorite teams.
Cookouts and Games: Our summer cookouts and kickball games are legendary in our community. Together dads and kids barbeque, play on the same team and cheer each other on to victory.
Celebrate the Holidays Together: We celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and End of School together w/ groups activities, good food and friendship.
All programming is designed to engage dads and kids in a healthy postive environment. Lead by our trained team and many volunteers we meet with over 40 dads and 50 kids monthly in our community. Many of these children do not live with their fathers and this is their designated visitation time. For many of these dads it offers them the chance to be the dad they never had and be the kind of dad that makes their kids proud. These men desire to rebuild relationships with their chidren following their incarceration. This program is a way of ensuring their children never enter the life of crime they found on the streets.


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