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Czech Cultural and Community Center CCCC

Help our wonderful museum from Harvey Effie & Bill Rosene, the founders of this non-profit organization, started the construction of our unique museum in 2002. Both of them volunteer at this museum for 23 years with all their heart. Although, Effie Rosene's stroke and Bill Rosene's 90 years, they both work still passionately for this museum and do everything to keep this organization successful. This building is their little gem, which they created for to share with the community the love for music, art and history as well as cultural awareness of ones heritage what so ever. This honorable endeavor has been disrupted by Harvey which flooded our museum. The museum suffered severe damage through this hurricane. The walls and floors were soaked with a vast amount of water, damaging both. The museum is forced to react immediately to stop the development of mildew. The neglect of its repair could be harmful for the building's integrity as well as the museum's unique collection and force us to be closed from the public. Any donation will help to repair the building. to recover from Harvey.

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