Cystinosis 5K Fun Run & Walk



1% Raised of$5,000 Goal

Cystinosis 5K Fun Run & Walk Photo
Cystinosis 5K Fun Run & Walk Photo
Cystinosis 5K Fun Run & Walk Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 01, 2011


The 5th Annual Cystinosis Fun Run is right around the corner. It's going to be an awesome day. We hope you can join us. If running isn't your thing...come and walk with us. If walking isn't your thing...come talk with us!  It's as much a social gathering as it is a sporting event and it's great fun!   For addtional details visit:


The event serves a dual awareness of this very rare disease and to raise money for the purpose of supporting and advocating research, providing family assistance and educating the public and medical communities about cystinosis.


Cystinosis is a rare disease that primarily affects children. Cystinosis is a genetic metabolic disease that causes an amino acid, cystine, to accumulate in various organs of the body. Cystine crystals accumulate in the kidneys, eyes, liver, muscles, pancreas, brain and white blood cells. Without specific treatment, children with cystinosis develop end stage kidney failure at approximately age nine.