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Cycle Columbia County

CCC works to enhance cycling opportunities, amenities, and engagement

www.cyclecolumbiacounty.com Tax ID 81-1676930


Our core values and beliefs guide our actions and programmatic choices. 

- Columbia County’s communities, health, economy, and sustainability are improved through cycling.

- Our beautiful geography presents extraordinary opportunities for cycling, both on and off-road, that should be celebrated, preserved and expanded.

- Activities like cycling build a sense of community and connect our communities for mutual benefit.

- Cycling and walking are essential modes of transportation.

- Cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists deserve mutual respect.

- Roadways and trails can be safe for all users with appropriate design, timely maintenance, effective policy and equitable law enforcement.

- All community members should have access and support for participation in fun, healthy, lifelong activities like cycling and walking.

- Cycling merits cultural, financial, and political support.