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WeCARE to Cure LeioMyoSarcoma Cancer



LeioMyoSarcoma (LMS) Cancer is an extremely rare and aggressive cancer that occurs in roughly four out of every million cancer cases. LMS is an unusual cancer that usually strikes people who are middle-aged or older. However, in recent years we are finding the victims are getting younger. LMS affects the soft tissues of the body. Attaching itself to blood vessels, it spreads through the blood stream, affecting other areas such as the liver, lungs, and other soft tissue areas of the body.

Surgery is generally the first plan of action for this cancer, due to the resistance it often has to some chemotherapy and radiation. Frequently, however, many surgeries are needed due to the aggressive nature of the disease. Tumors tend to grow large and fast.

There is no cure at the present time for LMS and remission can be difficult to attain. CT scans are needed for the patient’s lifetime, because this cancer can resurface any time in any part of the body.

Because LMS is so rare, most doctors have never seen it, and most of the public has never even heard of it. There are a handful of specialists in just a few teaching hospitals around the country. As a result, little funding is given to researching this cancer to try and find a cure. Only those of us who have looked this disease in the face know of its power and devastation.

In our lifetime, we have seen breast cancer go from a horrible and cureless disease to a horrible but manageable and mostly curable disease. The only reason this has become so is because the disease was so prevalent, killing our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girl friends on such a frequent occasion that a cure was an absolute must. The call was heard by many voices and people from all walks of life gave their time and money to help. Research was funded and a cure was found. Now anyone can passively donate to Breast Cancer research by simply buying a pink pen or a pack of toilet paper that shows a pink ribbon. That is the miracle. Millions of women will now live through the generosity of millions of others who heard their cries. They now have a whole MONTH dedicated to this disease.

The story of LeioMyoSarcoma is very different. Our voice is so small that no one can hear it. With only hundreds of people diagnosed, most people have never heard of it. Our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends are dying. So are our fathers, sons, brothers, and husbands. They may be fewer, but the disease is no less vicious and cruel. The tumors grow large and fast and with a long-term survival rate of less than 25% we are desperate to find a cure.

Although only hundreds have this cancer, the people who care for these victims are thousands strong. We still need more voices in order to be heard.

Without more people to raise awareness and donate money for research, LMS will remain an unheard of cancer, with the only people who know it being the people who die from it, or the ones who cared for someone who did.



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