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Cure GM1 Foundation

Funding researchers and a cure for GM1 Gangliosidosis, a rare lysosomal storage disease that is always fatal in children

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<p>The Cure GM1 Foundation is dedicated to hope and to directly funding research for a cure for GM1 Gangliosidosis, a lysosomal storage disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord and is always fatal in children.  GM1 is a progressive and degenerative condition with an extremely broad and debilitating array of symptoms and complications.  This nonprofit organization was founded by parents of children who suffer from GM1 who seek to save the lives of all those who suffer from this wretched condition.</p> <p>We must contribute in any way possible to bring these treatments forward.  Every second that goes by,  the world could be closer to an end to GM1 and to an end of conditions like GM1.   Innocent children who have the incredible misfortune of receiving disease-causing genes could have a chance at life.</p>