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Cuervos Futbol Club

We are an organization that helps young people through sports to have a better standard of living


We are an organization that tries to help young people with low resources to practice a sport. We specialize in soccer and through this sport and the discipline and work day by day that they can show, we try to help them get a sports scholarship in some school because some of them could not afford the school

We practically try to teach them that through work and discipline they can achieve anything and in this case we try to use sports discipline to teach them that they can achieve it but unfortunately it is very difficult to keep us year after year because it is very expensive to pay for equipment training balls fields to train and most importantly tournaments so that they can show their skills and can be recruited by the scouts of the colleges

That is why we dare to ask for your help in order to continue helping these young people to grow as human beings and that they are good people and above all have the possibility of having a career that helps them to have a better standard of living.