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Celisses School Of Equestrian Arts

Healing riders and their families through the power of equine therapy.

http://www.cseamobile.org Tax ID 81-4516345


In light of our temporary closure due to COVID-19, we ask that you support this incredible program which brings peace and healing to so many families in the Mobile area. We want to continue serving our riders as soon as we're safely able to, so please join our mission and make a gift to CSEA.

Celisse's School for the Equestrian Arts exists to provide physical, mental and emotional therapy to special needs riders and their families. Riders, their families, our volunteers, and so many more find community and connection with our horses. Together, we have impacted thousands of lives in our community!

Generous support from our community allows families access to this unique and effective form of therapy. We do everything in our power to keep our program accessible to every rider who wants to participate, and rely on community support to keep our program moving forward. Most of our costs are directly related to horse care; we host, maintain and train 12 therapy horses throughout the year. In the summer, we can have up to 20 horses on our grounds at one time! Even while closed, we still incur costs keeping these horses in peak condition, so please make your gift today!

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