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Crossroads Scholarship Fund

We are dedicated to helping underserved, first-generation, "at-risk" students enroll in college, trade or vocational school and provide all the support they need to succeed. We give them an annual $1,000 scholarship and assign them a trained mentor that supports them from the time of enrollment, until they graduate and enter the workforce. Without our program the majority of these students fail to complete an educational program beyond high school and they enter the cycle of low socio-economic status. Our programs are not merit- based so our students are not just the top academic achievers. They make make up the lower 80% of a graduation class rank.

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At Crossroads Scholarship our mission is to help young students break the generational cycle of poverty through scholarship and advocacy.  Our scholars are first-generation college attendees determined to overcome the multiple odds associated with underprivileged backgrounds.In order to ensure our students’ success, we take a unique, holistic approach. We provide them with financial support and we address their need for on-going advocacy and guidance.