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Crosslife International Inc

That others may live!

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For over 33 years, CrossLife Ministries has been helping people deal with the challenges life throws at them.  Since 1986, we’ve helped thousands in our community overcome the various struggles they face such as abuse, addiction, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and divorce, just to name a few.  Whether it is to help navigate issues in a marriage, stresses related to a career, or simply the everyday grind of life that can discourage us and cause us to lose focus, God truly uses CrossLife Ministries to help people discover Him at work in their lives in the midst of whatever situation they find themselves.

Many people suffer daily from the effects of past traumas, rejections, loss, and grief. Most do not realize how detrimental these experiences are to them living a life of peace and contentment, enjoying their families, being productive at work, and most importantly relating to God as their father and creator. Leaving these issues unresolved, not only affects the individual, but all other relationships they participate in, which ultimately affects our society as a whole. CrossLife's mission is to help individuals deal with many of these unresolved issues.

We thrive on seeing others come into the knowledge of the truth about their identity in Christ, which allows them to not only know the love of God, but to experience Him moment by moment in their everyday lives. This ensures an optimistic future for those who are set free from issues that were never properly addressed and therefore, have prevented them from experiencing the life they were created to experience. Helping others find healing from the many emotional and psycological wounds that prevent them from functioning according to God's purpose has an impact that will reach beyond individual homes, into our societies and ultimately throughout the world.