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Critically Loved

“Providing education and resources to support families of chronically and critically ill children.”

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Critically Loved was founded in 2015 by Executive Director, TyiaLynn.  Here are her own words:

My 18 year old daughter, Celia, has been diagnosed with life threatening condition internal bleeding.  I have spent Celia’s entire life learning to manage her healthcare.  As her caretaker, I noticed a big gap in information provided to parents whose child has a diagnosis that a specialty charity does not exist for, especially if a child does not have a developmental disability. Information parents need includes: getting a case manager with their medical insurance company, how to fight denied medical claims, setting up a medical intervention plan at school, organizing medical information, how to apply for Medical Waivers/Medicaid for their child, financial aid available to help with medical bills and medications, etc. Sadly, most specialists’ doctors’ offices do not even have a social worker to help educate parents in these areas. When their child is first diagnosed with a serious medical condition is when they need this information the most. While specialty charities, like Spina Bifida Association of Louisville and Down Syndrome of Louisville, do a great job helping parents, there are so many children with a diagnosis that a specialty charity simply does not exist for. Critically Loved is filling the gap and meeting a great need. 

In addition to our online resource, Critically Loved works with 41 pediatric health providers and charities in our area to reach parents who need this help. For a current list of our partners, visit our homepage at: www.criticallyloved.org.  Parents are provided a 1” binder (that becomes their child’s medical binder) which contains a “Getting Started” list, a letter stating what additional information can be found on the website, divider tabs to organize their child’s medical information and templates of forms they will need. 

Instead of parents having to struggle to navigate the complexities of their child’s situation, Critically Loved guides them through it.  This results in less stress for the families who are already under tremendous stress. The children benefit by the parents having more time to focus on caring for them.  Since I didn’t have a resource like this when my daughter was first diagnosed, I spent a great amount of time researching and educating myself.  That time would have been much better spent focusing on my daughter’s care. My true desire is for other parents to not struggle like i did. It is the heartbeat of Critically Loved.  I always tell parents, we are in this together! 

Much Love, TyiaLynn


Additional programing includes:

  • Supporting parents emotionally through our Parent Match Program where parents can receive one on one assistance
  • We support parents in group settings at churches around the community
  • Last year, Critically Loved launched “Grandparent’s Corner” to support and provide suggestions to grandparents
  • Thanks to a grant from WHAS Crusade for Children, Critically Loved provides professional counseling/therapy to special needs children when there is a financial need
  • We also host Special Needs Mom's Nights Out with nonprofit partners FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) and Face It: a movement to end child abuse

Since families are already overwhelmed with medical bills and time off work to care for their child, we never charge families for any of our services.  Therefore, we rely 100% on your donations to exist!  You can make a difference in the lives of critically and chronically ill children in our community by donating today!!  Will you join us?