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Has crisis make the faces sad without smiles?

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What is the purpose of the Trip?

The last years south part of Europe has suffern duo to crisis. Coming from Greece, one of the countries that people suffers most we have faced tremendus changes in our lifes.

Italy is the same situation. People that have had a standard way of live, perhaps a good living bio, now they are suffering.

My purpose of this trip to make a round trip around italy, to meet with people, to see their living way of life, to hear their thoughts, to see their faces and above all to see if there is still a smile.

We know that we cannot be based on news on TV, newspapers etc, since they are not allowed to tell always what is going on. With this trip I am willing to write articles, to publish photos and videos, through internet, of course for free and most importantly accesible to everyone.

Everything that will face during my trip will be uploaded to a blog and facebook.

Preparing the Trip

Through my travels until now i have make contacts in italy so there will be few needs on accomondation since i will mostly be hosted by locals.

For my movings, it will mainly be through boats,trains, buses and metros.( I will avoing to use private taxis unless that is huge urgency).

I will need to buy some travelling equipment such us a new backpack, a new sleeping bag, an external usb drive for saving everything, batteries etc.

If you want to learn more about the trip, email me at

There will be content creation all the way through, by photographing, taking videos and writting articles at each place.

What are your thoughts today? Did you smile?

Thoughts through a analytic logic is a strenght. People should use their mind in order to proceed in life, but above all should smile, because a day without smile is not a good day.

Starting with a smile a new, first of all you may fill your soul with an esteem of completness and through this you may have a smile drawn in other peoples faces.

The goal of this project is:

1) To meet new people, see their problems through this crisis and what are the impacts of this crisis that people in italy faces

2) Try learn more and more people in my life, beacuse through this interaction a person can get better and better.

This will be achieved by:

1) Finding out how people from all Italy use to live in their everyday life.

2) Share this content through blogs and facebook.

3) Share thoughts and questions from these people, back in the community.

4) Capture infamous aspects of Italy.

5) Capture short interviews with locals.

About me

I am Stefanos Renald.I fill up my time by traveling, writing and shooting photos/ short videos. I am passionate about creating human connections, finding new ways of seeing things and capturing moments.

Until now I have managed to travel almost at almost half of the world. This was before crisis comes to our doors, and makes everything much more difficult.

I have one than a year to travel, and this time being more mature after our sufferings, I am willing to let people know on how people are living under difficult circumstances, providing them details that will never see on TV or on Newspapers.

Problems & Concerns

1) Some places of Italy are not the safests one, especially south part of Italy. I think that I have to be extremely careful.

2) Language barrier. I do not speak italian and generally in italia people do not speak English. But the people in there are extremely expressional so I think that i will find my way.

Funding Details

I will need money for:

Boat Tickets
Train Tickets
Transportation - buses and metro mainly.
Some accomondation if and when i wont find a local host
Food - mainly pizzas and pastas
Update #1

If you are considering contributing to the project, write your email at the private message page, and let's meet on skype.
If you like the project, and want to help in any imaginable way, feel free to find me on facebook.

Update #2

Please write your messages in English.

Other ways to contribute.

Do you have cool ideas about what else can be done? Let's talk!
Do you think your friends will like this project? Let them know!

Thank you all.



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