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Creative Norway

Creating opportunities to create!

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“Creating Opportunities to Create”

As humans we have an innate drive to create. To sing, to dance, to write -- to express ourselves creatively. Creating gives a glimpse into the meaning of each of our short and individual existences.

Today, society discourages creative expression by placing artists in the background while creating a culture that encourages and leans towards obtaining a grueling 9-5 job that we often have no passionate stake in and no opportunity to express creative freedoms.

Because of the suppressive nature of our society and these systems in place, artists are often not considered legitimate or hard-working members of the community, that is, of course, unless they have a large amount of money to begin with or other lucky circumstances.

We founded our nonprofit Creative Norway to create opportunities for artists to express themselves, to give voice to creative folks who are often marginalized and unseen, and to provide a creative space to cultivate a deep sense of community where the creators can work together to support and inspire each other.

By giving these artists an equal chance at turning their passion into their livelihood, we are better able to support them in taking on and participating in projects that support themselves and our local economy, becoming more involved in the community, and to feel they are seen and heard on all fronts, as necessary members of society.

Your support aids our nonprofit in giving voice to creators, helps support resilient community members, and preserves authentic expression in many lines of work that would not otherwise be exposed to it.

This is the kind of future that we need and strive to create.

We thank you sincerely for your support!

The Creative Norway Team