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Creative Montessori Learning Center Inc

Founded in 1967, CMLC is the oldest and largest independent childcare center in East Palo Alto. It provides preschool and daycare in a warm, nurturing environment for its children. CMLC is greatly respected in the community for the academic success of its graduates. It has received awards for its food program, which includes breakfast, lunch, and two snacks.

http://www.cmlcepa.org Tax ID 94-2347442


Creative Montessori Learning Center (CMLC)offers  education services to bring out in every student his or her unique gifts and create an understanding and awareness of the world. The methods and materials used are developmentally appropriate and designed to excite the child’s curiosity and stretch the mind. It takes into account the diversity of the environment and its peoples. CMLC is available to any family interested in these values regardless of race, ethnicity or economic circumstances.