Cream Cancer Challenge 2014 Photo
Cream Cancer Challenge 2014 Photo

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My name is Greg Moser. I have a great family and am the proud father of four wonderful children who I love very much. My amazing friends are awesome too! I live in Pawleys Island, SC which offers great people, golf courses, beaches, history and sheer beauty. I'm a positive person whose cup is always half full. I do love life here in South Carolina with my family and friends! 

A few months ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. It's a true gamechanger when you hear the "C" word. I know it changed me for the better. It brought me closer to God and allowed me the opportunity to appreciate my life and everything in it. After a couple of surgeries, great care from MUSC and future treatments awaiting I believe that I'll be cancer free in the near future.

Through the years I have had numerous friends and family that have had cancer. Even now there is Debbie and Silvia that are in my prayers daily as they battle this terrible disease! The facts are hundreds of thousands of people must deal with Cancer on a daily basis. No one is exempt, not even the babies and children!

So I say, let's "CREAM CANCER" as a group. Cancer attacks people of all ages in life. It will kill you if you don't stop or kill it! The best way to treat cancer is through innovative research programs that develop new treatments that work to eradicate cancer cells from the body. These programs require donations and funding to continue to operate. Funding Cancer research programs are an essential ingredient in the fight to cream cancer!

The "Cream Cancer Challenge" (CCC) was born in August 2014. I wanted to develop a fun fundraiser for everyone. One that would go viral and raise millions for charity!  A challenge that people would embrace in efforts to raise money for numerous cancer charities. CCC participants  allocate donations to their cancer charity of choice and 100% of the donations go directly to their charity.

It’s simple, you or a friend will apply a (dairy) cream product to your face. Then call out all your friends to do the same. Then they call out their friends and on and on! It can be anything from whipped cream to ice cream. It must be some type of dairy product cream that is applied to the face. All I ask is be safe and keep this G rated.

Let's Cream Cancer and begin. I wanted to start a challenge that was fun, safe, provided great video, and would raise funds for any established cancer foundation. Call out your friends, family and business associates to take the challenge. You dictate the type of cream they must apply to their face. Whether they do or don't take the challenge, we want everyone to select their favorite cancer charity and donate some money to it! 100% of your donation goes to your cancer charity of choice.

I have been working with great people here at CrowdRise to provide a platform where anyone can go to and support their cancer charity of choice through the Cream Cancer Challenge".  If you would like support a cancer charity that is close to your heart it's easy. Just click the link on this page and start your own version of the Cream Cancer Challenge that benefits your cancer charity! .

My cancer charities of choice are the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network and The Medical University of South Carolina Hollings Cancer Research Center. You can donate here for those outstanding cancer charities.

I will be placing my initial Cream Cancer Challenge video here by Monday the 22nd. Be patient as I promise it will be entertaining!

Now, let's all rally together, tell all your friends and social networks about the Cream Cancer Challenge.. Let's raise millions of dollars and help to win the battle against cancer!

Be Good, Be Safe, and get Creamed!

All the Best,

Greg Moser

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