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We exist to help animals thrive in their own habitats.

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CRASH are Conservationists Raising Awareness for Species & Habitats! 

CRASH is starting a Wildlife Rescue Centre in Nambia. We currently have a small team on the ground in Namibia able and ready to take on small scale wildlife rescue and rehabilitation's, always where safely possible returning the animal back to the wild.  We have the land to build our centre and funding for a safety fence line and now we are fundraising $50,000 to build our Veterinary & Rehabilitation Centre. The second stage is to go on to build an Education and Research Centre to improve conservation awareness in the area and to allow students, locals and volunteer to visit the centre.

The second starnd of our work is to develop long term relationships with conservation organizations in need of funding for vital conservation projects. The organisations will apply for grants from CRASH and if they meet our criteria they will be given funding. CRASH will regularly update  supporters on the projects their donations have helped. CRASH aims to be fully transparent on our projects, the organisations we work with and where our funding goes.

How you can help us today?                                                                                                                  

By donating or fundraising for CRASH you will be directly assisting in our vital conservation work. Providing funding for animal rescues, rehabilitation's and releases around the world. Cant donate? Please like us on Facebook and Instagram and share our posts! @crash.wildlife