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John P Craine House Inc (Craine House)

Changing the face of re-entry one woman at a time.

www.crainehouse.org Tax ID 35-1021203


Craine House gives women a second chance by providing an alternative to traditional incarceration. This unique work-release program provides a safe and structured, home-like setting where women may live with their pre-school-aged children. We’re the only program of this kind in the Midwest that allows women to live with their children.

While living at Craine House, women are required to seek and maintain employment, pay rent, and go to counseling. Not only does this help the women and children of Craine House, but it helps the community. Taxpayer burden is reduced and recidivism rates for women at Craine House are lower than average. The average recidivism rate for Craine House is 24% —while, according to Pew, the national average as of 2018 was 37%.

The women of Craine House learn and practice life skills essential to breaking the generational cycle of incarceration to ensure brighter futures for themselves and their children.