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Concussions, Pain, Mental Health Awareness, INC.

There is strength in numbers


Our not-for-profit’s goal is to spread awareness of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), TBI (traumatic brain injury), other concussion-related issues, pain management, and mental health issues and challenge the stigma surrounding these issues. We aspire to help individuals and/or families battling these conditions by offering support, education, a wide array of coping mechanisms, and crisis management skills. Additionally, we work diligently to spread awareness about the severity and harships these conditions entail to the general public.  

Our founder, Paolo Dell Aquilla, battles CTE and has navigated its complicated healthcare system firsthand. Paolo will be a guide in helping others navigate the health care system, feel supported, and acquire positive coping strategies. He has created a system of checks and balances through his experiences with doctors and insurance companies post his late-TBI/CTE diagnosis, and he aims to help others navigate this "medical maze" efficiently.  As Paolo has said and believes full-heartedly, “There is always more than one way to get better. Hopefully someone going through a difficult time can learn from my coping strategies. I have learned that in order to get out of the darkness, one has to keep moving in a positive direction.” 

CPMHA (concussions, pain, mental health awareness) also strives to offer support and spread awareness by working alongside several national organizations: National Online Confidential Support Group, Public School Education About Mental Health, Sports Concussions and TBI/CTE Prevention Protocols, and the National Apprenticeship Competition.

In donating to CPMHA, you are not merely helping a non-profit organization but spurring long-lasting change in the lives of millions who suffer or watch loved ones suffer from these chronic conditions. Help us fight the stigma, increase public education on these critical conditions, and support those whose lives were permanently altered as a result of these illnesses.