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Covid-19 Wall of Memories

We are telling the story of COVID-19 in America, through the lives and deaths of its victims as well as through education and information sharing.

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Our mission: COVID-19 Wall of Memories memorializes and amplifies the lives of COVID-19 victims while serving as a source of information about the disease, the epidemic, and its impact on the United States.

COVID-19 Wall of Memories is the brainchild of retired project manager Mohammed Nasrullah. Observing the steady rise in the numbers of sick and dead from the disease, he began thinking of a way to memorialize them, to keep them from being merely statistics. When the United States reached 100,000 deaths, he felt called to action, to create something to remember and honor their lives. Mohammed imagined a digital version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. He shared his vision with his wife, Ruth, a freelance journalist, who proposed that the website also provide context and details through a news and analysis page. Mohammed’s brother, Fazal Shamsi, joined the team, bringing his knowledge of software design to the group. The full team then got to work giving life to Mohammed’s vision.