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Counselors With A Cause

Providing online mental health sessions for Texans without insurance.

www.counselorswithacause.org Tax ID 85-0554472


In this time of uncertainty Texans are struggling with unexpected challenges in their lives which could contribute to an increase in depression, anxiety, and suicide. With unemployment on the rise, Texans are losing income and insurance benefits causing the inability to get the mental health treatment they so desperately need.Counselors With a Cause (CWC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides charitable services to connect licensed and credentialed counselors to uninsured or underinsured individuals in order to provide mental health support.Our network of counselors are experienced licensed and credentialed professional counselors who have agreed to provide services at a discounted rate for CWC referrals. The counselor will use a HIPAA compliant platform to facilitate telemental health services in order to help Texans with depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts, during this COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. This Gofundme campaign will allow CWC to use the generous donations from noble heroes like you to provide the stabilizing and potentially lifesaving mental health care these Texans so desperately need.As long as there are funds available clients will be provided the care they need. Please make a tax deductible donation and support Texans helping Texans!