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Sand Soccer Hawaii Beach Soccer Tournament 2013

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EVENT DATE: Aug 16, 2013

Jim Bottomley


Sherry Corona wrote -

We are currently fundraising and inviting sponsorships for the Hawaii Sand Soccer Championships Tournament  for our team The Silver Sand Sharks. The tournament will be held in WAIKIKI HAWAII!  The funds raised will help us with our airfair, lodging, and food for our team!

This tournament is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us! We are excited to represent our City of Oceanside and North County area! This would be an experience that we will remember forever! 

Our team is a combination of All Star soccer players and Breaker's Competitive players.  Our coach refers to us at the Dream Team! We are eager and excited to ahieve our goal to get to Hawaii!

If you can help us in anyway, please click the donate button and help us.  We would appreciate any bit that you can donate!

Any money raised (witht the exception of the small 5% website fees which includes teh processing of credit cards) will be used towards our team and any excess will be allocated to get next year's team started.

You are welcome to check out the site www.hawaiisandsoccer.com


Thank you for your help,

Samuel and Adam Corona

PS - 


For more information please contact:

Steve or Kristi Citron – Text & Voice: 425.765.7887 / 206.498.2925 / e‐mail: steve.kristi@sbcglobal.netArianna Nava – Text & Voice: 760.271.0451 / e‐mail: juannava123@att.net


Banners/Flags: Banners are $300 and Flags are

$500 donation (plus cost of banner and/or flag).

There are only 8 flags and 6 banner sponsorship

packages available on a first come, first served


Please Note: Some of these may be reused at about 6 ‐ 8

additional California‐based beach soccer tournaments in 2014,

so the advertising benefit continues throughout several events

beyond the Hawaii Sand Soccer Championships.

Uniforms: We can print your company logo on the team’s uniforms, providing a high level of visibility during this two‐day event.

Locations for logos are limited and are on a first come, first served basis. Prices listed below:

• Front top of jersey across front chest: $1,500

• Lower portion of back (centered under uniform number): $1,000

• Front lower right hand portion of jersey: $750

• Left sleeve below shoulder: $500

• Right sleeve below shoulder: $500

• Front of shorts on left side: $750

Terms: Sponsors shall be refunded their donations should the level of donations be insufficient to help pay for the trip.

Any excess funding will be allocated to the 2014 Sand Soccer Championship travel fund to benefit youth soccer!

For advertising sponsors ‐ funding must be made available at time of reserving your advertising package

For more information please contact:

Steve or Kristi Citron – Text & Voice: 425.765.7887 / 206.498.2925 / e‐mail: steve.kristi@sbcglobal.net

Arianna Nava – Text & Voice: 760.271.0451 / e‐mail: juannava123@att.net



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