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Cool Cameras for Cops

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One night, two men were arrested and placed in the backseat of a Bartlesville police cruiser. One of the men was still hiding a bag of meth and was looking for a way to dispose of it. The two quietly discussed and carried out a plan, without the officer seeing a thing. What they didn't know was that they were being video recorded.

The man in the photo ended up in the hospital, having his stomach pumped. He may have died if it hadn't been for the in-car video camera that caught him swallowing the bag of meth.

In-car cameras record everything from high speed chases and traffic stops to field sobriety tests and suspects' conversations.

  • The recordings are admissible in court.
  • The recordings can protect officers from false accusations.
  • The recordings can provide proof of allegations.
  • The presence of a camera offers an element of safety for officers.
  • AND, as in this case, the recording can save a life!

The Bartlesville Police Department recently installed 7 cameras in 7 new vehicles. An additional 7 vehicles have been budgeted for the 2014 fiscal year, but there is no funding available to outfit these cars with cameras. The cost to purchase and install one camera is $7,000.

Please consider making a donation to help the Bartlesville Police Department fund 7 in-car video cameras.



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