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Providing hope and opportunity to one of the most vulnerable regions of the world.

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Our Mission: A Global Partnership

CongoVoice is a global partnership with a vision that children, students, and entrepreneurs have hope and opportunity to become leaders in their community. The mission of CongoVoice is threefold:

- Rescue and restore the lives of the orphaned and abandoned children by providing a loving home, education, and safety.

- Equip a generation of leaders through providing accessible quality higher education and vocational training.

- Advance economic development and cultivate a sustainable economy through new business and employment opportunities.

Our Focus: Gemena, DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world. The country has been devastated by war, corruption, and disease. The number of children abandoned or orphaned is alarming and the unemployment rate is extremely high with a lack of opportunity for employment. 

Gemena, the capital city of the South Ubangi region in DR Congo, is the ideal location for CongoVoice to partner due to the strong existing leadership, the remoteness of the region from conflict, and the significant wealth in natural agricultural resources.