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Concrete Jungle Inc

Transforming overlooked and underutilized fruit trees and land into a year round food source for food banks, shelters and people in need.

https://www.concrete-jungle.org/ Tax ID 90-0730229


Craig, Aubrey, and several friends started tracking down apple trees growing all over Atlanta, many of which were neglected on public property or in private yards with a pile of apples around the base. They collected these overlooked apples and held an annual Ciderfest to turn them all into apple cider. After several years of increasing apple harvests, the scale of fresh produce going to waste in Atlanta became apparent, and Concrete Jungle was born.

Concrete Jungle harvests almost all of its food from the thousands of fruit and nut trees growing in the Atlanta area — in yards, on the side of the road, next to buildings. Most of these trees are untended and ignored, with their bounty being wasted to wildlife while only miles away many poor and homeless struggle to include any fresh produce in their diet.

We also grow vegetables to donate on our small urban farm in Southwest Atlanta, Doghead Farm. Our farm allows us to host volunteer events and make donations year round.

With your generosity, we pick these fruits, nuts, and vegetables throughout metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas and donate as much of the harvest as possible to organizations serving Atlanta’s poor and hungry.