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Concerned Citizens Organization for Police Support

Concerned Citizens Organized for Policy Support (cCOPs) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that gives support to members of the police force as they do their jobs in protecting the lives and safety of all our citizens.

https://www.ccopsusa.org Tax ID 83-0735764


In the past citizens knew  police officers and the officers knew the citizens.  In our country today we have an enormous problem with our citizens and the police force.  The best way to combat this is to be able to have better communication between both.  We also need to be able to inform our citizens of the dangers our police officers face each day that they report for work.

We must also honor the police who have done an outstanding job in the communities that they serve on a daily basis and the sacrifices they make in doing their jobs.

Funds for cCOPs will be used to produce public service announcements about the value of law enforcement and the dangers they face in performing their jobs.

We will also roll out the “Adopt a Cop” part of Concerned Kids Organized for Police Support Program to connect young children in school with police to build a trust and respect factor between both children and the police who protect them.