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Comstock Foundation For History And Culture

NNDA Pioneer Boundary Peak Award best nonprofit 2018

https://comstockfoundation.org/ Tax ID 46-3126978


Our mission
The Comstock Foundation for History & Culture’s Mission is to  Restore the Legacy of a Nation through the Virginia City National  Historic Landmark District and the Comstock Lode.
The Goal of the Comstock Foundation is to Protect, Preserve, Restore,  Educate and Celebrate the historic structures, artifacts, landscapes  and profound culture of the Comstock Historic District and our National  Landmark for all to appreciate.
Comstock History is significant locally, to the State of Nevada,  Cities such as San Francisco in California, and to the nation. This  slice of history impacted the nation and the Comstock Foundation  endeavors to Restore the Legacy of a Nation.