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Comprehensive Advanced Life Support Program

We are a 501c3 organization that strives to educate rural providers and clinicians in emergency critical care to keep the patient alive until transfer to a higher level of care.

www.calsprogram.org Tax ID 20-1240867


CALS improves patient care by providing advanced life support education to rural healthcare providers.

We are committed to improving rural medical care by providing education designed for locations where technological support is limited, experience infrequent and specialized personnel unavailable.

Courses have been taught in states:  Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.  

Internationally, the course has been taught overseas in other countries through a contract with the Department of State’s U.S. Embassy system. It has also been taught in Haiti and Kenya where resources to provide care are limited for life threatening issues.  We are currently looking to expand to many other states in the near future.

We are seeking donations to help provide more up to date equipment and cutting edge technology for training our course participants in the skills necessary to secure and sustain a patients life until transfer to a higher level of care.